Container Orchestration and Management with Cloudify

Linux containers have quickly taken a large role in the cloud computing industry for their lightweight characteristics and ability to efficiently share underlying resources. Container architecture also provides a method of simplifying the portability of applications between various clouds such as OpenStack, VMware, and others.

The area in which containers still have a difficult time is in heterogeneous environments where containers are only part of the equation.

Built on pure-play, open source principles and based on the TOSCA standard, Cloudify is uniquely suited to the deployment automation and lifecycle management of containers, and the microservices therein. With Cloudify, users can deploy the complete stack of apps and containers on any infrastructure.


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Kubernetes Orchestration

As containers became more widely used, there naturally became a need to manage those containers. Kubernetes has turned into possibly the most well-known Docker container management. Kubernetes is a very opinionated system, built for container-specific architecture, but for heterogeneous environments, there is still a need for an orchestration solution. Cloudify can automate the management of Kubernetes as well as Docker and other containers on any infrastructure in a hybrid environment.

Cloudify has a Kubernetes plugin available with some limitations. The GA of this plugin will be released with the Cloudify 3.4 GA. Below is a video on Kubernetes Orchestration with Cloudify to give you an idea of how it works.

Docker Orchestration

Docker is the rising star of the container world due to its open nature as well as being lightweight and secure. Docker containers were created for fast and reliable deployment of self-contained application components on any underlying infrastructure. However, applications are typically multi-tier in their architecture, which means that each container has dependencies which need to be managed properly.

Cloudify is the answer to this problem. Our Docker orchestration will take care of the timing of container creation by order of dependency, as well as all of the necessary configurations to allow the containers to communicate and pass the required runtime properties to one another.

Based on TOSCA, Cloudify's YAML-based blueprints, enable you to describe even the most complex topologies, including the infrastructure, middleware tier, and app layers on top of these.

Cloudify has a built-in Docker plugin and matching types, which allow users to use Docker containers as part of any topology. This provides a full-blown orchestration and automation method for large-scale Docker-based systems.

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