Cloudify 3.0 HAS LANDED!

From Blueprint to Production

Deploy the same application in your own data center or on the cloud of your choice using your favorite automation and configuration management tools.

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Continuous Delivery

Standardize deployment, orchestration and build processes to create smoother transitions between development and production environments.

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Automate Everything

With built-in auto-everything rules - scaling, failover, or even your own custom metrics, you can rest assured that Cloudify has you covered.

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Effortless Upgrades

Cloudify supports post-deployment infrastructure upgrades and fine-tuning through our blueprint & custom command technology.

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Github Goodies from Cloudify

Packman by Cloudify

Packman creates packages. The project was initially launched to create Cloudify packages and is now progressing towards being a standalone, simple open source solution for creating different types of packages.

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Feeder by Cloudify

Feeder generates easily extendable events/logs using a specified formatter, and sends them using the specified transport. It can also generate fake data using fake-factory.

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All Cloudify Repos

Cloudify 3.0 has landed. Fork all 3.0 goodness, and enjoy all the new features Cloudify 3.0 has to offer - intelligent orchestration, topology-driven monitoring, scalable multi-tenant workflows, and more.

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