The Only Constant is Change

Orchestration-First Cloud Management.

The new Cloudify release now provides coverage for 90% of the workloads being used in large enterprises today - from hybrid cloud models through our plugin support of the top 5 clouds, alongside cloud native support for containerized and non-containerized workloads. Cloudify makes it possible to manage your full application lifecycle on hybrid infrastructure plugging in diverse toolsets through a single pane of glass.

Bringing Web-Scale Best Practices to Telcos & Enterprises

Winner of the Best NFV Product of the Year Award

Cloudify Telecom Edition was built to provide the full suite of NFV MANO, serving as the NFVO (orchestrator) and G-VNFM (generic VNF manager), to support Day 0 through Day 2 operations through a robust set of new features, NFV-specific plugins, and blueprints showcasing modeling of VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) and SFC (Service Function Chaining) using TOSCA.

Support for Any Technology

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Cloudify Open Source Orchestration

Cloudify 3.4 Has Landed!

Cloudify 3.4 takes cloud portability to the next level with Azure support alongside support for the entire VMware stack, OpenStack and containers through a single blueprint.



Orchestration vs. PaaS vs. CMP

Learn About Cloud Management in the Enterprise

Read our new white paper on Orchestration vs. PaaS vs. CMP that will help you choose the best tool to deploy, manage and scale your enterprise applications in the cloud.




Cloudify enables telcos to manage and orchestrate their NFV deployments on hybrid infrastructure including containers, through a single pane of glass.
    GigaSpaces’ Cloudify [has] automated scaling and support for multiple private and public cloud platforms. Cloudify focuses on accelerating the app and infrastructure life-cycle hybrid cloud management use cases.

Written By & About Cloudify

OpenStack Native

Cloudify was rewritten and redesigned to fit natively into the OpenStack project implementing a similar stack and architecture in order to integrate seamlessly with OpenStack components and core services - Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Keystone, Heat.

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Full VMware Stack

Through this integration, VMware users now have a framework for automating the installation, deployment monitoring, self-healing, auto-scaling and continuous delivery of applications across the VMware stack using TOSCA.

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Leading the Container Management Revolution

Cloudify is one of the top five open source projects leading the container management revolution, as referenced in the last OpenStack survey. Learn more about how we're making this possible.


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Cloudify and the Commmunity

Cloudify built open source and for the community offers diverse resources to get you started and get you involved with Cloudify.


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