Enterprise-Grade Enhanced Hybrid Cloud

Cloudify 3.4 was built with a hybrid cloud focus in mind. To that end, Cloudify is now available for all major public and private cloud environments, enabling more enhanced hybrid deployment support. Features and plugins include:

+ Azure Plugin: New plugin for Microsoft Azure
+ GCP Plugin: New plugin for Google Cloud Platform
+ VMware Plugins: vSphere and vCloud plugins are now open source
+ AWS and OpenStack Images: Amazon AMI and OpenStack OVA images for simple bootstrapping of Cloudify Manager
+ Windows Support: Cloudify now supports Windows on all supported clouds (See the docs for each plugin)

Continuous Deployment Across Clouds

Cloudify 3.4 comes with a new set of features that enables continuous deployment of both the application, as well as the infrastructure. These include:

+ Application Deployment Updating: Cloudify 3.4 allows updating of application deployments, enabling application operators and developers to introduce topology changes and include new resources to run TOSCA deployments.

+ In-Place Manager Upgrade: A new Cloudify Manager upgrade process allows fully automated in-place upgrades for all manager infrastructure without any downtime to the managed services. The in-place upgrade will allow easy migration between Cloudify versions and application of patched versions.

+ Blueprint Composition: Cloudify 3.4 supports composition of blueprints, which enhances the support for microservices architectures, and allows decomposing large application blueprints into separate application and infrastructure blueprints. It also enables architects to compose several individual blueprints and combine them in runtime to deploy and manage an application.

+ Resource Grouping: Cloudify 3.4 features enhanced modeling of applications, including the modeling and scaling of one-to-one relationships.

The New Hybrid Stack With Kubernetes Support

Kubernetes has become the de facto container management solution and Cloudify 3.4 has added support for Kubernetes that allows users to:

+ Deploy Kubernetes on any cloud
+ Manage hybrid stacks including both microservices on top of Kubernetes, alongside stateful services
+ Handle composition and dependency management between services
+ Manage triggering of auto-scaling and auto-healing of both the microservices and Kubernetes minions

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    Meet Cloudify Telecom Edition

  • Cloudify Telecom Edition
  • Cloudify Telecom Edition
  • Cloudify Telecom Edition

Introducing Cloudify Telecom Edition! The Telecom Edition is an NFV-specific offering of Cloudify's TOSCA-based orchestration framework. This is the most advanced open source NFV MANO offering and includes built-in multi-VIM support with added exstensibility to hybrid workloads and microservices. Included in this release:

  • Multi-VIM - Now fully open source vCloud and vSphere plugins, alongside OpenStack native support
  • Overlay Service Chaining
  • Netconf plugin
  • TOSCA/YANG data modeling interoperability
  • Network service management
  • Clearwater vIMS blueprints and plugins
  • F5 BigIP plugin
  • VNF updates for running VNFs and services
  • NIC ordering
  • Enhanced Platform Awareness coupled with Data Plane Acceleration through integration with Intel
  • Drag and drop Cloudify Composer with VNF-specific components
  • Using ARIA as the kernel for TOSCA Orchestration
  • Support installation within environments with no internet access
  • Support for Cloud Native services through Kubernetes plugin