Introducing Cloudify Pure-Play Orchestration

Full Application Lifecycle Orchestration with Cloudify

With the diversity of technology application stacks, tooling and infrastructure - mixing and matching what works for your business, developers and team can become a daunting task.

What if we told you that you can choose your stack, your tooling, run it on any infrastructure - even hybrid environments easily? Zero-config easily.

Cloudify, based on TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications), is technology agnostic enabling you to orchestrate your entire application lifecycle by modeling your topology once, and then deploying it to your infrastructure of choice, all while managing, monitoring, scaling and healing everything in the same place.

What's more, with Cloudify's out-of-the-box integrations with leading clouds, infrastructure, and tooling (seriously - from OpenStack to VMware to Docker using Chef, Puppet or even SSH with Fabric) - you can literally just download and get started.


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Pure-play orchestration of applications on the cloud.

Most automation tools are focused on the installation and configuration phases of application management, while in reality much of the management takes place after the application has been deployed.

Through event-driven workflows and the TOSCA modeling language, it is now possible to plugin in any tool, environment, workload and add a layer of automatic processes on top (from deployment through post-deployment and auto-scaling) and even monitoring and metrics. This means that Cloudify eliminates the boundaries between orchestration and monitoring, providing a mechanism to automatically react to pre-defined events with the appropriate corrective measures, including monitoring and custom policies for automated triggering of such corrective measures to provide intelligent auto-healing and auto-scaling capabilities.

Infrastructure & Tooling Agnostic


OpenStack Orchestration for Any Use Case

Cloudify is OpenStack native, this means it was built to work seamlessly with OpenStack deployments of all kinds enabling you to orchestrate your apps easily for any use case: hybrid cloud, NFV, simplified migration, or hybrid workload environments (bare metal, containers and more).

Cloudify works out-of-the-box with all of the OpenStack APIs from Neutron through Murano.

Cloudify's Murano support the management and orchestration of TOSCA blueprints directly from the Horizon dashboard. Read the blog post about the Murano integration.

TOSCA Orchestration for Any VMware Stack

Through the VMware-Cloudify integration, users now have a framework for automating the installation, deployment and post-deployment processes (such as monitoring, self-healing, auto-scaling and continuous delivery) of applications in a consistent manner across the VMware stack using a standards-based deployment (TOSCA). VMware users can also use Cloudify to extend their VMware environment into other clouds - including OpenStack, to form a true hybrid cloud, as well as for pure-play NFV orchestration.

Container Orchestration for Hybrid Workloads

Cloudify has a built-in Docker plugin and matching types, which allows users to use Docker containers as part of any topology. This provides a full-blown orchestration and automation method for large-scale Docker-based systems. On top of this, Cloudify has a built-in plugin for Kubernetes. Cloudify through its TOSCA engine, has created a language that models Kubernetes into TOSCA to easily extend it to any cloud or environment, or fuse microservices alongside non-microservices in the same template, and provide cross-cloud, environment and workload orchestration for the entire system.

Plug in Any Infrastructure

Cloudify has built-in plug-ins for SoftLayer, Apache CloudStack, AWS, and landing soon Azure & Digital Ocean. With its pluggable architecture it is now possible to span the same application across multiple cloud environments all using the same blueprint - model once, deploy anywhere. This is useful for users who are transitioning from their existing environment into a cloud environment, and also for allowing bursting and simple hybrid cloud deployments between OpenStack, VMware, Amazon and other clouds.

Whatever your Use Case

NFV Orchestration: The only pure-play technology agnostic MANO implementation

Cloudify, based on TOSCA is currently the only real-world and most extensive technology agnostic implementation of ETSI's MANO specification.

This is witnessed by Tier-1 telecom operators selecting Cloudify as their tool of choice for NFV orchestration. See the work done by Orange Labs using Cloudify for orchestration in their vIMS POC (and even fork the code) .

Watch the vIMS + Clearwater example or visit our NFV page.

Hybrid Cloud & Workloads with Cloudify

Real environments many times are comprised of diverse workloads running on diverse infrastructure - from container and database clusters and even stateful services such as big data and analytics systems on bare metal through non-virtualized and even legacy environments. In order to connect this new wave of hybrid environments and workloads - including everything from setup and provisioning of networking and other complex services on any cloud, an orchestration platform is necessary. Cloudify through its TOSCA engine, has created a single pane of glass for entire complex systems of today.

Cloudify Simplifies Cloud Migration & Portability for Enterprises

Many enterprises these days suffer from heterogeneous internal IT infrastructures which include legacy systems coupled with latest technologies and tool chains, many times in business siloes - hindering agility significantly. Managing such diverse technologies can be problematic for alignment, versioning, maintainability and a significant drain on resources and productivity - not to mention competitiveness.

Enterprises need a single orchestration platform that spans diverse tooling, cloud infrastructure from legacy and data centers through OpenStack to VMware or even AWS in one solution, supporting different applications across multiple lines of business.

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