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Tamir Korem

By Tamir Korem

Taking Jenkins CI from Automation to Orchestration - A Continuous Integration A/B Testing Use Case

  The benefits of continuous integration are clear. The need to enable deployment cycles that used to take six months to a year long to be dramatically shortened, allowing companies to deploy code numerous times per day, is undisputed. However, with this massive amount of daily deployments there has come...

Michael Sverdlik

By Michael Sverdlik

Vagrant Cloud - Creating Vagrant Box Files for a VirtualBox Provider in AWS

This post was originally published on The Pain Point Many developers often need to create easily reproducible development environments – for anything from testing to troubleshooting, and even continued development across teams. To this end, many technologies have arisen to answer this need from Vagrant and VirtualBox, and even...

Luther Trammell

By Luther Trammell

What is a Workflow?! Working with Workflows - Part I of III

As part of my Cloudify discovery - I’ve encountered another topic which I think needs slight backtracking, and a bit more of an introduction, to get to the more deeper dive of the documentation.  So in this series of posts I’m going to dive into what is a workflow?! And...

DeWayne Filppi

By DeWayne Filppi

Cloudify Laptop Setup Simplified

Introduction As mentioned in my previous post, there is a Vagrant box available that cuts through the complexity of setting up a box yourself.  For convenience, I'll share the steps described elsewhere, with some minor tweaks.  In this way you can have a running Cloudify manager with far fewer steps....

Nir Cohen

By Nir Cohen

Remote Commands, Deployment Automation & SSH with Fabric & Cloudify

  I have recently been involved in an interesting project that was added in the latest version of Cloudify -  the Fabric plugin.  This got me thinking about taking a deeper dive on remote execution in general -- i.e. the tools, why it’s needed, and how to actually make the...

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