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ONAP is Driving Much-Needed Standards in NFV

Nati Shalom explains what the Open ECOMP and Open-O merger means for the NFV and MANO industry.

What is the best NFV Orchestration platform? A review of OSM, Open-O, CORD, and Cloudify

The OpenStack Unlocked team at Mirantis note that Cloudify "emerges as the most mature orchestration solution among the reviewed platforms."

Cloudify's TOSCA Journey - The Convergence of ARIA and TOSCA (An Infographic)

The convergence of Cloudify and TOSCA, where Project ARIA, OpenStack Heat Parser project and the Apache Software Foundation all join forces.

An Open Source, Dynamic, and Integration-Based vCPE/SD-WAN Orchestration Service Built with Cloudify

This post explains how Cloudify's integration-based approach to vCPE/SD-WAN orchestration offers a dynamic service for real-time VNF onboarding and service chaining.

Orchestrating Brocade vCPE and Metaswitch SBC VNFs on VMware Using Cloudify

See how Cloudify was used to orchestrate the deployment of multiple complex VNFs. Meet us at Mobile World Congress!

vCPE 2.0 – The Business Case for An Open vCPE Framework

This post will demystify the vCPE cost model and offer CSPs an alternative method of building a vCPE solution that’s more cost effective and future proof.

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