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Nir Cohen

By Nir Cohen

Buzzword Abuse - The Anatomy of a DevOps Engineer

This post was originally posted by our own Nir Cohen, at Once, people used the word genius only when describing someone who really was a genius. Someone with extraordinary intellectual and perceptual capabilities. Today every parent uses this word to describe their, likely cognitively regular child - and this...

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

DevOps Stuff and Other Ramblings

When we discuss the often abused term DevOps, we're mostly focusing on two elements: automation in the form of deploying apps, and maintaining infrastructure, and culture in the form of collaboration and communication. The most common gripes we often hear range from anything like "I just can't maintain my shell...

Yoram Weinreb

By Yoram Weinreb

OpenStack Cloud Deployments Made Easy–Heat Plugin for Cloudify

OpenStack Heat makes orchestrating the deployment of multiple OpenStack elements a breeze using its “stack” concept. By defining a HOT (Heat Orchestrating Template) document that describes the stack and “creating” the stack based on the document, Heat will orchestrate the deployment of many elements including networks, subnets, ports, floating IPs,...

Nati Shalom & Eliza Croen

By Nati Shalom & Eliza Croen

Going Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack

OpenStack Silicon Valley is just a few short days away and we are looking forward to talking OpenStack with the local community. A main focus for Team Cloudify at the event will be around the topic of portability AKA hybrid cloud, not only between environments, but also between OpenStack and...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Open cloud deconstructed. What it means to be native to the OpenStack cloud.

OpenStack is just not like any other cloud. OpenStack is an open source cloud and that makes it quite unique in comparison to many of the closed source public clouds generally available today, the most common being AWS, Azure GCE, and others. The fact that it is open source, allows...

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