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Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

Network Automation with NFV on OpenStack

As NFV (network function virtualization) becomes trendy more network vendors are working on a solution of how to take their existing investment in network products and make them NFV enabled. The target is that eventually everything will run as virtual software components on commoditized hardware. To this end, I actually...

Nir Cohen

By Nir Cohen

Logging and Event Tools to Help You Understand and Heal Stacks

This post is going to be a prologue to my next post on how to create logs with structured data to be able to extract and act upon the most relevant information, and eventually even automate these tasks. Building such systems is no trivial task, and to reach that promised...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Why You SHOULD Want to Use OpenStack

Over the past few weeks I came across various cases where people questioned the maturity of OpenStack and its fit to enterprise customers. The most recent one was a piece called "Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack", that basically suggested that OpenStack doesn't really answer any enterprise needs and that there...

Barak Merimovich

By Barak Merimovich

Moving from an interface to a base class across Java versions

Interfaces are one of the core design concepts of Object Oriented Design. They are used for multiple reasons, like enabling multiple implementations of specific interfaces.  In this post, I'll dive into how these are used in Java 6 and 7, how they apply to Cloudify, and what's coming with Java...

Anna Bankirer

By Anna Bankirer

Cloud Orchestration with Bare Metal Machines

Enterprise companies tend to use bare metal machines extensively for their mission critical and data intensive applications, as bare metal provides superior performance and I/O over your average virtual machines.  In addition, VMs also come with the added issue of noisy neighbors.  This is also why many cloud providers have...

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