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Yaron Parasol & Sharone Zitzman

By Yaron Parasol & Sharone Zitzman

Booya - Cloudify 3.1 has landed and it is HOT!

The much awaited and anticipated version 3.1 has landed, and with it a number of core features that will deepen Cloudify’s orchestration, and extend our TOSCA support, which pretty much serves to provide all the rest of the goodies that are now packaged into 3.1. TOSCA to the Max We’ll...

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

DevOps Days Tel Aviv by the Community for the Community

This post has been a long time coming, since following an event the size and caliber of this last DevOps Days Tel Aviv - there were still a lot of loose ends to tie up, and we just about finished (and just shy of a month).  The primary focus of...

Yoram Weinreb

By Yoram Weinreb

Raspberry Pi Automation, Docker, and Other Inanities

This post is going to be a little off-topic, but since we love all things open source, hacking and automation, we thought it would be a fun change of pace.  It was recently discovered in the office that I’ve been using Raspberry Pis to automate my life and generally mundane...

Yaron Parasol

By Yaron Parasol

Docker orchestration…what it means and why you need it.

Docker containers were created to help enable the fast, and reliable deployment of application components or tiers, by creating a container that holds a self-contained ready to deploy parts of applications, with the middleware and the app business logic needed to run them successfully.  For example, a Spring application within...

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