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Yaron Parasol

By Yaron Parasol

TOSCA, APM, SLA, KPIs, OMG...! All About Topology Driven Monitoring

Today, like pretty much everything else in the IT world, monitoring is also a siloed area, and falls into two general types of tools -- infrastructure monitoring and application performance monitoring (AKA APM).  These tools for the most part don’t really interact, and so, it can be quite a challenge...

Eliza Croen

By Eliza Croen

Cloudify 3.0 HAS LANDED

Cloudify 3.0 has arrived! We are excited and hope you are too. We at GigaSpaces have been hard at work to bring you an even more awesome Cloudify experience for the cloud orchestration and automation of your critical apps on the cloud. Allow me to give you some highlights. Automated...

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

OpenStack Wiki in Short – A Quick Guide to Open Cloud

In the previous post we had a quick OpenStack tutorial and intro to What is OpenStack. In this post, we will be outlining in short the different OpenStack components, and how they work together.  From OpenStack Cinder through OpenStack Heat, and Trove – this is your quick wiki for everything...

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

What is Openstack? A Quick OpenStack Tutorial

In this blog we often discuss OpenStack, and the different components, and have an OpenStack tutorial or guide at your disposal for many topics – from OpenStack Neutron and networking in general, through NFV, OpenStack orchestration, DevStack, network automation, and much more.  However, all of those posts assume that you...

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

OpenStack Orchestration with Heat + Devstack

Today in order to bootstrap a Cloudify manager you have to take care of the OpenStack compute, networking and security services yourself, essentially all of the OpenStack orchestration (this is still a good reference).  Each of these is comprised of a number of configurations.  Just to name a few: When...

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