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Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Cloud Automation...Cloud Orchestration. That's What It's All About.

The cloud gives you the option to use as many resources as you want, essentially "endless" resources on demand, where you only pay for what you use. In a world where everything is dynamic and IT environments are constantly changing, this is becoming an ever-growing need. In order to take...

Yoram Weinreb

By Yoram Weinreb

Bootstrapping Cloudify on Devstack

Cloudify 3.0 is a major milestone for Gigaspaces. It tightens our integration with Openstack and steers the product architecture to closely match the OpenStack architecture stack. There are several ways to get started with Cloudify 3.0 on OpenStack: You can use an OpenStack public cloud such as HP Cloud You...

Barak Merimovich

By Barak Merimovich

Deployments at Scale - How to Scale to 1000+ Node Instances Painlessly

Once upon a time, deploying a large scale application required a large IT team to provision and organize resources, for example to buy machines, set up hosting, guarantee network bandwidth, and so forth. All this before the actual application code can even be deployed to the machines, and the whole...

Yaron Parasol

By Yaron Parasol

TOSCA, APM, SLA, KPIs, OMG...! All About Topology Driven Monitoring

Today, like pretty much everything else in the IT world, monitoring is also a siloed area, and falls into two general types of tools -- infrastructure monitoring and application performance monitoring (AKA APM).  These tools for the most part don’t really interact, and so, it can be quite a challenge...

Eliza Croen

By Eliza Croen

Cloudify 3.0 HAS LANDED

Cloudify 3.0 has arrived! We are excited and hope you are too. We at GigaSpaces have been hard at work to bring you an even more awesome Cloudify experience for the cloud orchestration and automation of your critical apps on the cloud. Allow me to give you some highlights. Automated...

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