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vCPE 2.0 – The Business Case for An Open vCPE Framework

This post will demystify the vCPE cost model and offer CSPs an alternative method of building a vCPE solution that’s more cost effective and future proof.

A Big Win to Kick Off a New Year

This post takes a look at Cloudify's successes in 2016 - and especially how the open approach was the Goliath killer in telcos and enterprise`s this year.

Openness Is the True Path of NFV

Nati Shalom discusses the reasons why telecoms operators need to move away from propietary vendor solutions and embrace open source in NFV.

Orchestrating An Application Lifecycle From Development on OpenStack, to QA on AWS, Through Production on VMware with Cloudify

Michael demonstrates how you can use Cloudify with Kanban to easily move an application from code change through production on three different clouds - OpenStack, AWS, and VMware.

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