Cloudify’s solutions are designed to transform, automate and manage your Core applications and network services, and bring your organization’s Edge Computing initiatives to life. Already using Automation? Grow with Cloudify to break down silos and give your teams One platform to manage all existing tools – gain better control and visibility across your cloud or IT environments.

Edge Networking

Edge Computing is the New Business as Usual.

Cloudify’s open edge orchestration and automation solution enables organizations to connect their headquarters to multiple branches at various locations. Deploy and manage the complete lifecycle of software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, CPEs, and other Multi-access Edge devices.

Automation at the edge of the network

Many organizations are deploying new services in branch offices using Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and IoT devices that require automation at the edge of the network. The move to edge adds significant new challenges that make traditional practices for network automation obsolete, as they don’t fit well with the scale, latency requirements, and the heterogeneous nature of a network that now has new software and edge devices. Cloudify addresses these requirements through an open source architecture that combines next generation cloud native services through the management of distributed containers on physical servers or the cloud. This architecture enables organizations to integrate their existing network infrastructure with new generations of network infrastructure under a common automation scheme.


Open Edge Architecture

Combines next generation cloud native services through the management of distributed Kubernetes pods on bare metal or cloud.

Federated Network Architecture

Supports large scale deployments through federated management, enabling you to meet the scale and latency requirements of edge environments.

Edge Devices

Integrate core and other edge elements that are not Cloud Native, including services that come with their own Orchestration and management such as SD-WAN.

Closed Loop Automation

Controls the cost and utilization of a specific user or application.

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Digital Transformation

Where NetOps and DevOps Integrate & Connect.

Network Services

Integrate your virtual and physical network functions.
Cloudify provides integrated end-to-end Network Function Virtualization Management. A pragmatic solution for your cloud native Virtualized Network Function (VNF)

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Open is Flexible

Cloudify’s open source orchestration framework was designed from the ground up to enable organizations to design, build and deliver core business applications and
network services more economically, without compromising on IT simplicity. Cloudify’s solution for Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) provides full lifecycle automation and management. It controls the lifecycle of your disparate VNFs bybringing them up or down as needed, or moving VNFs to different locations.

The Cloudify platform automates deployment, drives configuration, and manages auto scaling, software updates, and upgrades. It is TOSCA-based, ONAP-aligned and
interfaces with other key middleware and tools.

This result in operational simplicity and reduced costs!


VNF Management & Service Modeling

Describe the complete network service with all its resources: infrastructure, functions, service chaining, application code, scripts, configuration management, metrics, and policies.


Control who has permissions to execute various operations. Secured communication is achieved using TLS, which enables clients to validate the authenticity of the Cloudify Manager, and ensures that data is encrypted.

Day-Two Operations:

Maintain the complete life cycle of the service,
from on-boarding and instantiation to operations
such as scaling, healing, maintenance, updates,
and termination.

Native Cloud Experience

Provides access to a full set of features for each cloud environment with its abstraction layer.

Cloud Portability

Prevents vendor lock-in for greater flexibility with Cloudify’s open-source technology.


Reuse your system components. You can model anything in a descriptive language, for example, IaaS,
clouds, configuration management tools, SDN components, NFV components, and more. Cloudify includes several officially supported out-of-the-box plugins, and you can always build your own.

Faster App Roll-out

Shortens deployment time from days to minutes through lifecycle automation.


Develop and operate applications faster and more reliably to boost digital transformation.
Cloudify is revolutionizing the way modern IT is delivered, getting IT and developers working together on a single platform, to manage and automate the entire application
lifecycle, from start to finish.

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Built for any cloud or application stack

Cloudify is designed to automate the deployment, configuration and remediation of your applications across hybrid cloud and hybrid stack environments — all at the speed and quality of change required by today’s enterprises.
You can focus on defining the desired state of your application, while Cloudify ensures it maintains the desired SLA in case of failure or capacity shortage. This declarative approach revolutionizes the way your application owner and IT operations can share, review, secure and govern how it utilizes cloud resources in the most optimal way, without losing agility or control.
Cloudify’s federated management architecture was built to meet the scale and latency of distributed cloud environments. The automation-first approach allows organizations to speed up the time it takes to move to the cloud and adopt new and more agile architectures such as micro-services and serverless, while ensuring continuous interoperability with their existing and legacy


Azure at the Speed of Business

Achieves cloud native transformation through unified
service management across Azure and Azure Stack with Cloudify.

Kubernetes Cloud Native Orchestration

Makes Kubernetes interoperable with any external services such as databases, services running on VMs, legacy applications, serverless workloads, and more.

Containers & Microservices

Deliver robust container orchestration of heterogeneous stacks and environments. This includes containers alongside non-containerized environments, and stateful and stateless services, all through a single application blueprint.

OpenStack Orchestration

Provides a common layer of automation to manage all of your OpenStack and network resources, alongside other clouds seamlessly.

Manage the Managers

Break down technology silos to increase your operational efficiency

One Manager to orchestrate your Core and Edge network services, even those that have their own automation tools, or that don’t fit into the Cloud Native world.

Break Down Automation Silos

Automation is typically bound to specific platform or environment, while performance optimization is bound to a specific platform. The result is too many silos and losing control over who’s running what and where. Multiple automation tools are hard to manage and maintain. Cloudify is your one, unified tool for end-to-end automation, enabling you to manage multiple configuration tools, SDN
controllers, orchestration and VNF management tools. Spin them up or down on demand, or simply relocate them. Cloudify automates deployment, drives configuration, and
manages autoscaling, updates, and upgrades.

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Intent-based Modular Orchestration Platform

Cloudify’s end-to-end modular orchestration platform simplifies the automation of complex systems by abstracting applications and networks from the underlying infrastructure. This model-driven automation is an intent-based system, allowing you to focus on the desired state (the “what”) instead of the actions to get there (the “how”).
Using Cloudify you can map the desired state into a set of tasks that will allocate the right set of resources needed to fulfill your applications’ demands.


Start by designing your application or service orchestration plan


Provision your network functions in a multi cloud


Configure your devices using a simple configuration plugin

Manage (Day two)

– Self-Healing Auto-Scaling
– Disaster Recovery
– Automation Policy Management
– Security & Multi-tenancy

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