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Pure-Play Orchestration

The new version, Cloudify 3.2.1, adds a set of capabilities equipping the pure-play, TOSCA-based cloud orchestration platform to manage the application life cycle across every major cloud platform, supporting apps running on VMs, bare metal and Linux containers. It also adds new support for service providers implementing orchestration of NFV (network functions virtualization).

This new version comes with a lot of exciting new features including the much-anticipated graphical blueprint composer, IPv6 support, security, scaling, healing and more.

    Introducing the Cloudify Blueprint Composer

  • Cloudify Blueprint Composer
  • Cloudify Blueprint Composer

  Cloudify 3.2.1 Downloads

Quick Start Trial

Vagrant Box Installer

The Vagrant box and Vagrant file below contain a complete manager and CLI installation. They are only provided for getting started and demoing purposes and should not be used in production.

 Vagrant Box (~1.3GB)   Vagrant File

For more details on how to get started with them please follow the Cloudify 3.2 Getting Started Guide.

Cloudify CLI Full Install (See Full Feature List Here)

Cloudify CLI Installers

The CLI installer installs the Cloudify CLI and enables you to boostrap a Cloudify manager, interact with it and manage blueprints and deployments. Refer to the CLI guide for more details.

To install the CLI on operating systems other than the ones listed above please refer to the CLI guide.

Cloudify Blueprint Composer

The blueprint composer technical preview will be available by invite only. Request your invite by e-signature below.

By downloading Cloudify you agree to the End User License Agreement

Below is a list of new features, improvements, fixed issues, and known issues in Cloudify.

We track all the issues in our public JIRA.

Cloudify Advanced Options

The resources here are the individual Cloudify 3 packages that are installed on the server and application VM side. All components are installed in the manager VM, and the Cloudify agent is installed by default (although this can be overridden) on every new VM that is created by the manager as part of the installation of a specific deployment.

Milestone Builds

Between GA versions the Cloudify team releases new milestone builds with each sprint - that you can test drive, and give us feedback on in advance of the GA release.

You download them here, and defintely let us know what you think.

Github Repos

Most of the Cloudify 3x components (other than the UI which is a commercial component) are licensed under Apache 2.0 and are managed on Github under the code name Cosmo (we just love Kramer, what can you do). You're most welcome to clone the code, fork it and submit pull requests.

Previous Releases

Heads up! You can download our previous GA releases here.